this is a forum for an european project.
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 our lifestyle

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PostSubject: our lifestyle   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:20 pm

we wake up at 7.00 then we take the bus and go to school because we must be there at 8.00 otherwise we'll stay out for the first hour.
After 5/6 hours we come back home to have lunch and some of us remain at school to do extra activities: like languages courses or comenius meetings which start at 14.30.
In those meetings we talk about everything concernig this project.
On the 23th of February we had the comenius day and we ate various things from all the European countries which take part to the project. (really nice experience)
Then when we finish the meetings we finally come back home, we have lunch if we didn't have it before, during the break.
When we are at home we study untill dinner time, then we can relax ourselves watching TV or surfing the net (someone uses to read a book).
Then around 22.30 we go to bed because we are really tired!!!

unfortunately we have to go to school also on Saturdays anyway we don't give up and we try to follow all the lessons.XD
In the afternoon we usually go to citycentre to meet our friends and to go shopping or, if we have to go out at night, we study in the afternoon and then we get ready to go out.
When we go out in the evening we usually have a pizza and then we go to a pubs or at disco, but when we come back home we are really too much tired to do anything else so we immediately go bed.

Holy Sunday!!!It's our one and only day in which we can oversleep (ohhh yeahhh!!)
Someone of us goes to church or has matches.
We use to spend the afternoon staying with our parents and relatives or having fun, but the most of us must study all the day long. Sad
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our lifestyle
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